To help better inform policy and decision making, HousingFirst regularly surveys its residents to understand how services could be improved. These surveys are useful for identifying shortfalls in service delivery and areas where improvements could be made


Tenant Satisfaction Survey:

Surveys are undertaken every 2 years and residents are asked a range of questions about how well their homes are being looked after and how HousingFirst staff treat them day-to-day.


Post-occupancy Survey:

Tenants of new developments are surveyed 6-12 months after moving in. The feedback provided helps us to know what we do well and what we can improve in, both as an organisation and in the quality of the homes that we build.

Results of the 2013 Post-occupancy Survey with the tenants of Chapel and Vale Streets, St Kilda and Kyme Place, Port Melbourne.


NRAS Tenant Demographic Assessment Form (TDA):

Some HousingFirst properties are part of the Commonwealth Government National Rental Affordability Scheme. As part of HousingFirst's reporting requirements, tenants of these properties will be required to complete a Tenant Demographic Assessment upon sign-up and annually for 10 years.