Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my rent?

Rent can be paid using a number of different options:

  • BPay: use your Payway card (issued at the start of your tenancy) to pay your rent online via internet banking
  • Direct Debit: HousingFirst can provide you with our BSB and account number so that you can set up a regular direct debit on your bank account.
  • Centrepay: your rent can be deducted automatically from your Centrelink payment. Speak to HousingFirst or Centrelink about setting this up
  • In person: use your Payway card (issued at the start of your tenancy) to make a payment at any Australia Post outlet.

Talk to the tenancy manager of your property if you would like more information.

What happens if my household income changes?

You need to notify HousingFirst if your income increases or decreases so your rent can be adjusted accordingly.  HousingFirst also undertakes an income and rent review annually. You will be asked to provide up to date verification of your income and your rent charge will be re-calculated.

Can I have a pet?

Please speak to your Tenancy Manager if you want to have a pet. You must get HousingFirst’s written approval before keeping any pet. Tenants living in HousingFirst’s general housing (non rooming house) may be given approval to keep small pets such as a small dog, a cat or a bird.  Pets can only be kept, on the understanding that they do not:

  • Disturb neighbouring households
  • Create a nuisance, or
  • Cause a danger to other tenants.

Can I have visitors stay?

HousingFirst understands that you might have visitors, friends and relatives staying with you in your home from time to time. Generally, if a guest stays in your home for longer than 4 weeks we will assume they have moved in with you and will include them in your rent calculations. Overnight visitors are not permitted in rooming house accommodation.